17.Sept.11: ZUCKERWATT goes CRAZY

DJ: Lauhaus (remote area, soweso / amsterdam)
Thomas Reiner (zuckerwatt)
Andreas Reiter (zuckerwatt)
Fabian Hofer (zuckerwatt)

EINLASS: 23:00
EINTRITT: €10.- bis Mitternacht/ €12.- danach
Amsterdam-based DJ and producer, Lauhaus (Laurens Lanting), is one of the twosome inspirations of ’POLDER’, together with David Labeij. Active in the Dutch electronic music scene for over ten years now, he is also part of six-sided crazy communal laptop collective ’Amsterdam 611’ and most recently, the label manager of the brand new imprint ’SOWESO’ with Kabale Und Liebe. Simply: a very busy bee.

It was 2004 that marked the emancipation of ’POLDER’. Their first release and debut album ’Poldermodel’ (Intacto Records 2008), received immediate acclaim and support resulting in international exposure and gigs worldwide. The solo Lauhaus act has also coined him as one of the important and respected players in the influential Amsterdam scene with releases on ’Remote Area’ and ’Intacto Records’. His sound is broad: productions made with a blend of house and techno, always striving for the clash between the genres to produce an exhilarating sound with an analogous feel.

2008 was the ground breaking year for Lauhaus with head turning productions. ’Casamance’ released on ’Remote Area/Area Remote’ is an ultimate housing Detroit tune. Jazzy chords, synths and rohdes solo’s all over the place with pounding groove and the hypnotic repetitive vocal hook. ”Downunder” on ’Intacto Records’ is a big time new school Techno rollers ace with big beats and big breaks. Lauhaus’s DJ style and sound is not to go unnoted. An all encompassing journey from deep, housy, tribal grooves to techy climaxes... always in tune with the crowd and the vibe! Never shy for some fun, Lauhaus’s strong collaborations with Boris Werner, Kabale und Liebe, Julien Chaptal, to name a few are yielding some musical knacks not to miss!

A sample of Amsterdam madness, this is Lauhaus!
Pfeil http://www.zuckerwatt.at

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